4 Cosmetic Issues to Look Beyond When House Hunting

4 Cosmetic Issues to Look Beyond When House Hunting
Beautiful home interior
When looking for your dream home, you want to ensure everything is perfect. You want to find a house that you can easily envision yourself living in, and one that has all the features you listed on your “must-have” wish list.

But, while some things may be major red flags, such as bad smells and poor home maintenance, there are several cosmetic issues that you should ignore because they can be easily updated.

1. Poor Paint Colors
While you likely want a home that is move-in ready, poor paint colors shouldn’t be a reason to say no to a property.

You can easily paint both interior and exterior walls in your home, and the repair is fairly inexpensive. Plus, when you choose the paint color, you can pick a color you love and that best matches your home’s chosen décor.

2. Light Fixtures
The light fixtures in a home should not be overlooked. The lights sets the mood for the space, and the right light fixture can become an instant focal point or even a beautiful statement piece.

However, if the lights throughout the home are old and outdated, it is a fast and simple fix. Plus, by updating the light fixtures you can choose more energy-efficient products, which will help you save money on your utility bills.

3. Small Details
Maybe you love the look of crown molding or you really want hardwood in the entryway rather than carpet, whatever these small details may be, don’t let it prevent you from placing an offer on a home.

These details may be important to you, but if a property doesn’t already boast these features, they are typically simple and cost-friendly additions you can add before you move in. Or, you can upgrade items individually over time to spread out the cost.

4. Window Treatments
Let’s face it, old, dusty lace curtains can make a room feel antiquated and in need of major upgrades.

But, by simply removing those curtains and letting in a little natural light, it will completely transform the space. As you look throughout a home, try to look past the window treatments. Rather, look at the size of the window itself, and its condition.

If you need to replace all the windows in the property, that will be a much more inconvenient and expensive project than just putting up a few new curtains or blinds.

Look at the House Through Clear Eyes
As you look at a home, don’t get caught up in the current owner’s décor and the small cosmetic issues — those can usually be fixed.

Instead, focus on the overall condition of the property, its layout, its major appliances, etc. so you can decide if it’s truly the home you are looking for. It should be a house where you can see yourself and your family spending time for many years to come – a house you can make a home.

Be sure to work with a professional real estate agent who can help you notice the major characteristics of a home and look past any cosmetic flaws.